Levels of Care

Psychiatric Day Treatment

Psychiatric Day Treatment mental health care at Aftermath Behavioral Health, located in Massachusetts, is a groundbreaking and vital resource for individuals seeking comprehensive support and healing. Our unique approach to day treatment programs offer a lifeline to those who require intensive care but also wish to maintain their daily routines and connections within the community. 

By providing a structured environment during the daytime (or evening) hours, individuals can receive specialized therapy, counseling, and medication management tailored specifically to their needs while still being able to return home each evening. The dedicated staff at our facility understand that mental health struggles can be immensely challenging, which is why they create a warm and nurturing atmosphere where clients feel safe enough to share their experiences openly. 

In addition to individualized attention from licensed professionals, day treatment programs often incorporate group therapy sessions that foster peer support and camaraderie among participants facing similar difficulties. This collaborative approach not only cultivates empathy but also builds resilience as individuals learn from one another’s coping strategies. Moreover, day treatment facilities recognize the importance of holistic well-being by incorporating various holistic practices like mindfulness exercises or art therapies into their program structure. These innovative approaches help clients develop essential life skills such as stress management techniques or creative outlets for self-expression – empowering them with tools they can carry forward on their lifelong journey towards mental wellness.

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Intensive Psychiatric Outpatient

This program offers intensive therapy and support while allowing you to maintain your daily life outside of treatment. It can be beneficial if you are unable or prefer not to commit to full-time residential care. The flexibility of an IPO allows you to attend therapy sessions during the day or evening, depending on your schedule.

Think about the severity of your mental health issues. If you have been diagnosed with moderate depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other similar conditions, an IOP may provide the level of support and treatment necessary for recovery. However, if your symptoms are severe or require constant monitoring and supervision, a more structured inpatient program might better suit your needs.

Consider whether you have a strong support system in place as well. While participating in Mental Health IOP at Aftermath Behavioral Health can provide valuable resources and guidance from professionals who specialize in treating co-occurring disorders like addiction alongside mental health conditions; having supportive family members or friends can greatly aid in maintaining progress outside of therapy sessions.

Outpatient Program

One of the key advantages of our outpatient program is flexibility. We understand that life can be busy, which is why we offer convenient appointment times during evenings and weekends. This allows you to receive treatment while maintaining your commitments at work or school.

Additionally, being part of an outpatient program means you have the freedom to continue living in your own home environment while receiving support from our dedicated team. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who thrive in familiar surroundings or have strong family support systems.

Whether you’re seeking help for anxiety disorders, depression, addiction issues or any other mental health concern – our comprehensive outpatient program is designed with your well-being in mind. With personalized care plans tailored specifically for you, we are committed to helping you achieve lasting positive change.